Cultivating Love, Authentic Connections & Deeper Purpose

Children who have been empowered with skills to face life’s inevitable challenges will thrive more than the ones who haven’t. That’s why we’re here – to help your family develop resiliency to move through life with courage, connection and love.

We believe in order to build a strong family we must focus on cultivating love, creating authentic connections and finding deeper purpose. These are the core values up on which New Strong is built.

Cultivate Love

We Cultivate love by empowering children and families to challenge the overwhelming fears  of ”what others think about us” and foster courage for finding their voice and own their unique self. We are all perfectly imperfect – and should be embraced through the eyes of self-compassion and kindness.

Create Authentic Connections

We create the opportunity to develop authentic connections through group experiences focused on establishing trust and gaining perspective that we are not alone. Understanding that we are all wired with both strength and struggle allows us to connect.

Find Deeper Purpose

We create opportunities to find deeper purpose by partnering with local, non-profit organizations to give back to the community.  Children and families practice what they have learned by helping others in need. When we tap into our own unique gifts, we can give back in fulfilling ways.

Ready to Meet the Team?

“New Strong is a safe and creative space that fosters the spirit of resiliency. Through workshops, camps, groups & therapeutic methods, we help families prepare for life.

We equip your kids with tools to navigate the stressors and pressures of their ever-changing world. They will go through painful experiences but, with our help, they’ll bounce back.

We’re here to help you develop resiliency so your family can thrive!”