The New Strong therapy team works together to help children, couples, families, and individuals create better lives through strong skills and fostered hope. We’re here to help change the way you look at, and think about, therapy. We’re building a better tomorrow, one where you use self-love to create powerful, authentic connections.

Our therapists draw from several different models to meet your needs, including; play therapy, client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, Shame Resilience (Based on Brene Brown’s work) and couples/family therapy. Each treatment plan is tailored to you in order to provide individual care and exceptional results.

Whether you or your family is struggling with anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, couples/family concerns, adoption/attachment hurdles, trauma, special needs, childhood educational or developmental challenges, we’re here to help.

Play Therapy

Your child's first language is play! Even as they grow, it's a fun, creative way to help them express and make sense of their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. At New Strong we have several Certified Play Therapist who will help you understand your child's world and teach you how to foster effective family communication with that knowledge.

Children and Teens Therapy

Kids today experience stress, disconnection, risky behaviors, perfectionism and expectations at very young ages. Individual and group therapy can help provide the skills needed to thrive in this world.

Adult Therapy

Discover how to connect with the best version of yourself. Adult therapy aids in understanding that you are worthy of living the life you were created to live. We provide a safe, encouraging environment that will promote the process of positive change.

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Laura Probasco-Johnson

Family Therapy

Families today are struggling with lack of communication, disconnection, and confusion on where to start to repair the damage. We're here to help change unhealthy patterns, open up lines of communication and empower families to live more fulfilling lives.

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Laura Probasco-Johnson


Trust is a key aspect in creating healthy, successful relationships. Couples therapy helps partners recognize repeating patterns of distress and equips them with tools to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences. We work to secure the healthy attachment of couples and their families without judgment or pressure.

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Laura Probasco-Johnson