Why Resilience is The Key

New Strong was born from a realization that families need to focus on, and develop, resilience. As parents, we not only see the issues of depression, anxiety and perfectionism on the news, but we watch as our children come face-to-face with them, every day. Healthy, happy families are the ones who are prepared, the ones who are empowered with the tools to bounce back when life knocks them down. 

Resilience is key in building our families as it enables us to recognize our emotions and to trust that we have the strength to move through them.

Here at New Strong, we prepare for the when rather than focus on the if.

Even with all the skills, education and willpower in the world, we simply cannot outsmart pain, shame or stress. They will always be there. We can, however, be armed with the skills to bounce back from the painful, shameful or stressful experiences life throws our way. 

New Strong is a movement, a new definition of what it means to be a strong parent, child, and family. We’re here to help you develop resilience and enable you to face life with courage, knowing you have the skills to carry you through anything

“New Strong is a safe and creative space that fosters the spirit of resiliency. Through workshops, camps, groups & therapeutic methods, we help families prepare for life.

We equip your kids with tools to navigate the stressors and pressures of their ever-changing world. They will go through painful experiences but, with our help, they’ll bounce back.

We’re here to help you develop resiliency so your family can thrive!”

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